Development Of Training Equipment

Shen Te Enterprises Inc. has developed training equipment for major companies (FlightSafety, Lockheed Martin and Commercial Airlines) with short schedules and cost constraints. We have a staff and teaming partner that is extremely fast and accurate at the mechanical design of training equipment. Shen Te Enterprises combines their electrical, logistic, wiring, and PLC software talents with Simair to produce maintenance, part task, fuselage, cabin, and low fidelity operational flight trainers to meet customer aggressive schedules. The trainers we produce are developed under the following guidelines:

  • Produce solid modeling concept of trainer design for customer approval.
  • Model all fabrication pieces in solid form for computerized precision cut to fit trainer.
  • Use state of the art I/O concepts that are compact and low cost
  • Multiple Source all parts to avoid obsolescence and ensure low costs
  • Use state of the art AutoCad electrical design software for producing accurate electrical diagrams, wire lists and cables
  • Wiring team that is fast and holds a 1% error factor in work completed
  • Quality checking procedures and processes that are thorough and are applauded by customers
  • A configuration management software that documents and controls revision and indenture levels of all product baseline engineering drawings

We are the best in timely trainer development, innovative packaging, and customer satisfaction