DBSecure Software

DBSecure is a secure web based suite of software that allows companies and their customers to share program product base line documentation, support parts, and engineering configuration management design drawings during the development and acquisition of training equipment. It also consists of a SiteSecure software database package that lets the Contractor Logistic Support team perform maintenance data collection, inventory control, and purchasing associated with all aspects of a training program once the device is in full training operation.

Logistic Support Management Database

The Logistic Support Management Software consists of a full system and subsystem database for failed parts to be entered and tracked against a linked engineering drawing or specification. This database will carry the following information depending on program requirements:

  • Training Device Designation
  • Manufacturer Entity (CAGE) Code
  • Long Lead Time
  • MTBF
  • Reference Number
  • National Stock Number
  • Quantity Per End Item
  • Unit Of Issue Price
  • Total Price
  • Provisioning Line/List Item Sequence (PLISN)
  • Type Of Change Code
  • Essentiality Code
  • Parts Availability Code
  • Part Number
  • Nomenclature
  • Unit Of Issue
  • Recommended Spares

The database has a full spare parts algorithm for predicting spares to support a program and also an obsolescence tracking calculation algorithm for DMSMS reporting.

Configuration Management Database

The Configuration Management Database is a complete indentured level engineering drawing database which tracks engineering drawings revisions, releases to manufacturing, and viewing of all product baseline drawings. The database performs the following functions:

  • Online Control/Management Of Trainer Program’s Hardware Configuration
  • Tracks Drawing Changes By Revision, and Date Of Change
  • Online Viewing Of Configuration Management Database. (That Shows Latest Revision Of Each Drawing)
  • Links to display each Engineering Drawing in PDF Format (Latest Revision)
    • Links to display all DCNs related to the Engineering Drawings on the program
    • Links to Logistic Database to flag changes in current hardware design
  • Modification linking to assess hardware change impacts and insure complete documentation coverage

SiteSecure Database

The SiteSecure Database software includes three parts; Maintenance Data Collection, Inventory Control, and Purchasing. This software is used on-site by Contractor Logistic Support personnel to predict support needs in parts and support equipment and calculates training system availability for student through put of training.

The Maintenance Data Collection (MDC) software has built in algorithms for part MTBF calculations, maintenance effectiveness, device reliability, trainer utilization, trainer availability, and part MTTR calculations. The MDC software portion will also generate work orders and display preventative maintenance schedules.

The Inventory Control System (ICS) software will initiate a job order, check spares and support equipment inventories for spare parts and support equipment requests, track all contractor furnished equipment and supplies, and allow all current job orders to be reviewed.

The Purchasing System software will accept purchase order requests, initiate purchase orders, and track purchase orders to job order requests.